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DYNAFORM simulationWith more than fifteen years' experience in using advanced non-linear simulation techniques, Dutton Simulation can offer services in a wide range of forming and general product design problems.  

Projects are generally based on the Simulation Software we distribute but are available to anyone whether a user of these systems or not. A consultancy project can also be combined with supply of software and/or training courses.

Dutton Simulation is able to offer a complete package of CAD/CAM/CAE services as required through our own team or via our network of experts. We can provide:

In addition, we have been involved in a variety of Research & Development projects pioneering new techniques including:

  • application of one-step & iterative methods in automotive design
  • visualisation of surface defects in automotive skin panels
  • translating the effects of forming to crash and other CAE models

Further information on these studies can be found on our Publications page.

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