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Huge pressure today exists to minimise both development and production costs for sheet metal components.

We at Dutton Simulation are able to offer the latest software for examining part manufacturing feasibility and process cost optimisation to enable computer-aided process engineering. These tools have been developed chiefly by Forming Technologies Incorporated (FTI) in Canada.

Open FTI's home pageEstablished in 1989 as a Technology Development Center for the metal stamping industry, FTI is a world leader in providing OEM's and part suppliers with innovative software and training solutions designed to reduce the development time and cost of parts and tooling. For many customers, these solutions have resulted in millions of dollars in cost savings.

FTI's Forming and Costing Software Solutions have been subjected to years of validation and refinement.  Its speed and ease of use empower the user to identify potential product, process and tooling changes, as well as cost improvements prior to completing the part or tooling design.

The specific benefits provide from use of these products include:

  • blank development for material cost estimation and tool try-out using FASTBLANK, CATBLANK and BLANKWORKS
  • prediction of manufacturing feasibility to assist in product design using FASTFORM and CATFORM
  • calculation of thickness & strain distribution data for product performance using FASTFORM and CATFORM
  • blank nesting for cost reduction using BLANKNEST and CATNEST, and now also with PROGNEST for progression dies
  • process cost optimisation using COSTOPTIMIZER (which includes blank development and nesting functions)

FTI has developed the world's most advanced and accurate solutions based on its proprietary hybrid one-step finite element method and has tailored their products for specific sets of needs. FTI solutions are available integrated within a number of CAD systems including SolidWorks, SolidEdge and CATIA. 

Complimenting these systems, we also supply the CAD translators from Datakit to allow native CAD formats such as CATIA, ProE, UG, etc to be converted to IGES, STEP or DXF for import. More details ...

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