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Product design input data

Dutton Simulation offers a full service in evaluating product design for manufacturing feasibility in sheet metal.

Using CAD & CAE tools, we can:

  • input your product design (most major CAD systems are supported)Reverse trimming complete

  • reverse trim the geometry to complete the outer boundary (and close any internal openings), generating the punch opening line

  • determine the die level (tip angle) for forming, considering contact progression and depth of draw, as well as the implications for later operations

  • create the blankholder surface, aiming to attain a fully developable surface where critical whilst striving to minimise variation in draw depth

  • calculate the required addendum profilesBlankholder or Binder Surface generation, considering the need for steps and/or draw bars for additional stretch in key areas

  • generate the draw die addendum surfaces

  • and output of the surface data as requiredCalculation of Addendum profiles


From the resulting CAD model, we can call on the full range of forming simulation software to test the tooling process and die design.

Our approach is to use our core skills in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)Addendum generation to lead these activities, backed up with our many years' experience in tool design and finite element analysis. In this way we can ensure a high level of accuracy is obtained with the quickest possible turnaround time.

Please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

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