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Konica Minolta VI-9i laser scannerDutton Simulation now offers a laser scanning service for digitising existing tooling and components. The service is based on Konica Minolta's VI-9i 3D laserscanner.  Measurement accuracy down to 50µm can be achieved.   In addition, Easy Align Tool II, a 3D data merge tool exclusively for the VI-9i which uses photogrammetric technology, is also available to allow scanning of larger panels and tools.

The scanning system allows us to quickly generate surface data for use in tooling simulation.  This makes possible analysis of existing tooling even where no surface data exists, or where the tooling has been modified significantly so that the available CAD is no longer representative.

Another powerful application is scanning of drawn shells or trimmed components to quickly identify springback deformation.  This allows us to calibrate our springback predictions and then apply the latest springback compensation techniques available in eta/DYNAFORM.

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