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Process PlanningProcess Planning

2 day course


Learn the parameters that influence how a part is processed for manufacture and the effect on blank size. You will learn how the product design will determine the press required, part orientation in the die, number of dies required, and the blank size. Examples will be presented on how to process outer and inner panels and reinforcements. Students will work in groups to process and determine the blank size for a reinforcement from a part print.

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Product, Process, Tooling, and Manufacturing Engineers, Designers, Cost and Tooling Estimators, who require an understanding on how the product design effects the die line-up and material requirements of a stamping.


1.0 Overview of Process Planning

1.1 Understanding
1.2 The Process Planning Thought Process

2.0 Guidelines for Process Planning of Stamped Parts

2.1 Study and Analyze the Part Print
2.2 Determining the Type of Tool & Equipment to meet the process line-up
Exercise 1: Comparison of Die Types
2.3 Considerations for Eliminating Operations
2.4 Processing a Part with a Developed Trimline
2.5 Determine the Blank Shape and Material Cost
Exercise 2: Determining the Tip Angle of a Panel
2.6 Addendum for Processing and Blank Size Calculations
2.7 Processing for Scrap Removal and Inner holes
2.8 Cam Considerations

3.0 Overview of Processing Specific Panel Types

3.1 Considerations for Processing Outer Panels
3.2 Considerations for Processing Inner Panels
3.3 Considerations for Processing Reinforcements

4.0 Material and Blank Size Requirements

4.1 Determining the Blank Shape
4.2 Blank Die Selection
Exercise 3: Determining the Process Line-up, Blank Shape and Die Size of a Component


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