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FTI's welding courses cover resistance, mig, and projection welding systems. Included topics are design guidelines, troubleshooting techniques, and welding equipment maintenance. Each trainee is supplied with a comprehensive manual that will become a valuable reference tool.

Details of forthcoming training courses are shown on the Latest News page; if the course that you are interested in is not listed then please contact us for details on how to arrange a course to suit your needs.

Click for more detailsDesign Guidelines for Welding & Assembly

1 day course

Learn the fundamental design guidelines for Assembly. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the various types of assembly operations and how to ensure the design specified is feasible. Many guidelines for quality manufacture of assemblies are presented. More details ...

Click for more detailsWelding Defect Analysis

2 day course

Learn a detailed evaluation of resistance welding defects and common problems encountered with MIG welds. Students will learn the troubleshooting skills necessary to address weld quality issues in the automotive manufacturing environment. More details ...

Click for more detailsWelding Technology

1 day course

Learn the processes and equipment used in resistance (spot) welding. You will review: basic resistance welding, how welds are made, components and mechanics of a welding system, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, testing methods and weld schedules for various materials and coatings. More details ...