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Stamping Aluminum PanelsStamping of Aluminium Panels

1 day course


Learn the differences in formability and manufacture of aluminum stampings in comparison to steel stampings. This course provides many examples of manufacturing and tooling conditions which must be considered to ensure quality production of Aluminum Stampings. Case studies of producing an Aluminum Outer and Inner Panels will be presented to illustrate how the processing, material requirements and tooling line-up is affected.

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Product, Tooling, and Manufacturing Engineers, Designers, Tool and Die Makers involved in the design or production of aluminum stampings.


1.0 The Effects of Material Properties on Formability

1.1 Why a Stamping Hold its Shape
Exercise: Determining the Punch Size of an Aluminum Panel
1.2 Important Properties of Aluminum Materials
1.3 Understanding the Forming Limit Diagram

2.0 Understanding Aluminum Materials

2.1 Types of Aluminum Alloys
2.2 2xxx Series - AlCuMg (Si), Heat-treatable Alloys
2.3 3xxx Series - AlMn (Cu), Nonheat-treatable Alloys
2.4 5xxx Series - AlMg (Mn, Cr), Nonheat-treatable Alloys
2.5 6xxx Series - AlMgSi (Cu,Mn), Heat-treatable Alloys

3.0 Material Handling Concerns with Aluminum

3.1 In-plant Handling of Aluminum
3.2 Storage of Aluminum
3.3 Handling of Aluminum Products
3.4 Handling Issues During Processing Aluminum Panels and Sub-Assemblies

4.0 Fundamentals of Stamping Operations with Aluminum

4.1 Drawing of Aluminum
4.2 Trimming
4.3 Flanging
4.4 Hemming
4.5 Case Studies of Designing Tooling for Aluminum Outer and Inner Panels
Exercise: Evaluating an Aluminum Part for Defects

5.0 Painting Process

5.1 The Influence of the Painting Cycle on Material Properties
5.2 Paint Baking Temperature Cycle Influence on 5xxx Series Aluminum Products
5.3 Paint Baking Temperature Cycle Influence on 6xxx Series Aluminum Products

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