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Formability guidelines for Product & Process EngineersFormability Guidelines for Product & Process Engineers

1 day course


Learn the formability guidelines to produce world class manufacturable parts. The course covers the guidelines related to quality issues of the part at each phase of the design through manufacturing cycle. Students will learn many of the guidelines required to eliminate quality issues on outer and inner panels.

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Styling, Design, Product, Process, Tooling, and Manufacturing Engineers.


1.0 Requirements for World Class Product Design

1.1 Characteristics of World Class Quality
1.2 Relationship Between Product and Process Requirements
1.3 Basic Formability Design Guidelines for Vehicle Design

2.0 Design Guidelines for the Manufacturing Process

2.1 Stamping Terms
2.2 Formability Guidelines Associated with the Design Stage
2.3 Formability Guidelines Associated with the Panel Processing Stage
2.4 Formability Guidelines Associated with Die Build & Stamping
2.3 Formability Guidelines Associated with Maintaining Stamping Dies

3.0 Design Guidelines to Address Surface Imperfections on Panels

3.1 Determining the Cause of Surface Imperfections
3.2 Action Plans to Determine Countermeasures

4.0 Formability Guidelines to Support Stamping Operations

4.1 Panel Strain Level Requirements
4.2 Radius and Hemming Guidelines
4.3 Feature Line Specifications
4.4 Limitations of Stamping Presses

5.0 Applications of Design Guidelines

Exercise: Reviewing a Panel for Design Guidelines


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