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Fundamentals of Die DesignDie Design Fundamentals

2 day course


Learn the inputs, concepts and requirements for die design. This course provides an overview of the process of die design and the parameters that effect how the die design is established. Die design set-up and standards for draw, trim, and flange dies are also covered.

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Product Designers and Engineers, Tooling Supervisors, Process, Manufacturing and Tooling Engineers, Tool and Die Makers, Die Designers and Apprentices and those interested in the basic understanding of die design.


1.0 Overview of Die Design

1.1 Objectives
1.2 Die Design Terminology
1.3 Tools of the Die Designer (programs, resources, data)
1.4 Types of Presses
1.5 Types of Dies
1.6 Summary

2.0 Die Design Considerations

2.1 General Die Construction (Die Types)
2.2 Required Inputs to Die Design
2.3 Press Curves and Automation Requirements
2.4 Panel Set-Up
2.5 Designing with Maintenance in Mind
2.6 Summary

3.0 Casting and Machining

3.1 Materials used in Die Design
3.2 Manufacturability
3.3 Construction
3.4 Casting Methods
3.5 Designing a Casting
3.6 2D and 3D Machining Processes
3.7 Summary

4.0 Die Design Set-Up for Specific Die Types

4.1 Draw Die Design
4.2 Trim and Pierce Die Design
4.3 Form and Flange Die Design
4.4 Summary

5.0 Die Standards

5.1 Using and Accessing Die Standards
5.2 Layout of Die Design Prints
5.3 Die Design Checklist and Buyoff
5.4 Summary

6.0 Die Construction

6.1 Die Build
6.2 Die Design Checklist and Buyoff
6.3 Summary


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