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Advanced Formability Analysis

Advanced Formability2 day course


The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of stamping failures through analysis of metallurgical properties and behavior of steel during forming processes. It will provide a detailed review of the latest material grades (including advanced high strength and dual phase materials) and countermeasures for addressing stamping defects. A methodology for Successful Failure Analysis using metallurgical, die & part, and press perspectives will be presented.

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Tooling Supervisors, Process, Manufacturing, Quality, and Tooling Engineers, and Tool and Die Makers.


1.0 Overview of Failure Analysis

1.1 Methodology for Successful Failure Analysis
1.2 Die and Part Investigation
1.3 Press Investigation
1.4 Material Examination
1.5 Summary

2.0 Analysis of Material Properties on Formability

2.1 Mechanisms of Elastic and Plastic Deformation
2.2 Stress, Strain and Mechanical Properties
2.3 Advanced Stamping Materials
2.4 Circle Grid Analysis and the Forming Limit Diagram
2.5 Effect of n-Value
2.6 Effect of r-Value
2.7 Strain Aging
2.8 Stages of Deformation and Mechanisms of Fracture
2.9 Die Surface Treatment
2.10 Summary

3.0 Countermeasures for Stamping and Die Issues

3.1 Countermeasures for Die Related Issues
3.2 Countermeasures for Markings on a Part
3.3 Countermeasures for Forming Related Issues
3.4 Summary
· Group Exercise: Identify Countermeasures for Stamping Failures

4.0 Evaluation of a Failure Analysis

4.1 Background Information for a Failure Analysis
4.2 Review of Case Studies
4.3 Summary
· Group Exercise: Determine the Root Cause of a Failure Analysis

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