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Web site last updated February 1st, 2010:

New Software Releases

FTI released Version 8.0 of Forming Suite shortly before the end of 2009, with a major update to the FAST Incremental module - it is now possible to run multi-stage incremental models all solved using the LS-DYNA solver - contact us for more details. The one-step based FASTFORM Multistage module, allowing multiple stages of forming to be analysed with the speed and accuracy of the famed FTI one step method has also seen further development.

Also from FTI, BLANKWORKS Version 4.0 now supports the latest releases of SolidWorks and provides a seamlessly integrated full or partial blank development add-on.

There has also been further development to DYNAFORM from ETA. Version 5.7.1 has been released with updates to the both the DIE FACE ENGINEERING and AUTOSETUP interfaces as well as improved capabilities for thermal forming processes. The user menu is now customisable so that older, less-used menu entries can be de-activated.

The latest version of DYNAFORM also brings further enhancements to the Die System Analysis toolkit, an efficient way to predict and resolve many stamping related concerns within the die production line. The three main modules allow the analysis of Die Structural Integrity under a range of load cases, Sheet Metal Transfer & Handling operations and Scrap Shedding - giving the engineer new tools to assess practical aspects of process and tool design and avoid major delays when tools are installed on the home press line.

CATIA Add-on Applications for Sheet Metal from Actas

Dutton Simulation have been appointed as distributors for the sheet metal method planning toolkit for CATIA from Actas. The two modules for CATIA V5 (TDA and MPA) provide integrated tool and die analysis and geometrical assistance to greatly speed up the method planning and die design process, with tools to:

  • compute and analyse draw direction and undercut
  • compute and analyse trim angles and directions
  • analyse punch direction and convert from part to tool axes
  • define die size
  • mapping of complex contours
  • trim line development for complex sheet metal parts
  • surface modification for springback compensation

Download the brochure here and contact us for more details.

CAD Translators from Datakit

Dutton Simulation continue to distribute and support for the wide range of CAD translators from Datakit. These are intended to allow users of native CAD systems (CATIA V4, CATIA V5, ProE, UG, etc.) to output IGES, STEP or DXF format data for input to our simulation software - but also include a range of inter-CAD translators. Please contact us to arrange for an evaluation licence. More details ...

See below for Press releases for these and other products

New Training Courses from FTI

Please contact us for further details of date and venue and to enrol in these and all our other sheet metal tooling and formability training courses.

Advanced Formability Analysis

2 day course

Learn an understanding of stamping failures through analysis of metallurgical properties and behavior of steel during forming processes. This course will provide a detailed review of the latest material grades (including advanced high strength and dual phase materials) and countermeasures for addressing stamping defects. A methodology for Successful Failure Analysis using metallurgical, die & part, and press perspectives will be presented. More details ...


Press Selection and Automation

1 day course

This course provides an overview of the press, automation, and support equipment required to manufacture stampings. Components for both Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses and their effect on the stamping process are discussed. More details ...


Surface Contour Evaluation for Class "A" Panels

1 day course

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the
process and procedure for evaluating surface contour and
reflectivity on Class "A" panels. Also included will be
troubleshooting methods for countermeasuring panel defects.



Latest Software Releases

Current released software versions are as follows:

Click for Press Release

FTI Announces Forming Suite Version 5.0

Forming Suite 5.0 Delivers a Constellation of Unique Value Added Technologies
This is a major breakthrough in technology from the traditional metal forming feasibility analysis tools to a multidisciplinary parametric and associative paradigm. FS 5.0 embodies a constellation of proprietary breakthrough technologies, including Coupled Hybrid Inverse (CHI) solver, Offset-Less Formability Technology (OFT), Topology Based Skinning (TBS), Gradient Mesher, Process History Tree (PHT), and APIs for customizations. See product information ...

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FTI Announces Full Release for CATIA V5 R17 CAA

FTI® unveils CATIA COSTOPTIMIZER R16 CAA V5 based. COSTOPTIMIZER in CATIA is the only cost reduction solution within the CATIA environment. This fully associative and regenerative solution will identify how organizations can achieve material cost saving targets of 10-15%. See product information ...

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FTI Announces BLANKWORKS Version 3.0

Accurate 2D Blank Shapes For Complex 3D Sheet Metal Stampings
BlankWorks provides SolidWorks® users with an embedded application to determine accurate 2D blank shapes for complex 3D sheet metal stampings. See product information ...

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Identifies Design Changes That Reduce Material Cost
COSTOPTIMIZER is a powerful blank development, blank nesting, and material cost optimization software specifically designed for the evaluation of sheet metal components. See product information ...

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CATSTAMP delivers complete stamping evaluation for product and process development. CATSTAMP is CAA V5 based and provides CAA V5 users with detailed formability analysis for evaluation and validation of stamped components and draw die developments. See product information ...

Link to ETA Announcement & Release Notes

ETA Announces DYNAFORM Version 5.7.1

ETA is proud to announce the release of DYNAFORM Version 5.5, featuring a new AUto Setup interface for simpler problem definition. This release also includes updates to the MSTEP one step solver plus blank nesting to provide a complete Blank Size Engineering module. The Die Face Engineering module for rapid and flexible development of tooling surfaces has also been significantly developed. See product information ...

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